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At Amsterdam Travel Guide we value a conscious lifestyle. Besides a good product and great service, we like to choose for sustainable and/or organic options or for companies that address a social aspect or issue. Those socially aware, sustainable, local and/or organic recommendations can be recognised by our Conscious Travel label: a half or a whole green heart. A half green heart is given to companies that are partially sustainable, organic or address a social issue and a full green heart is given to companies that are fully conscious, or as much as is possible within that industry. Conscious travellers who are visiting Amsterdam will be able to choose their preferred conscious options easily in either the normal recommendations overviews by looking at the green heart label or via the special Conscious Travel overview pages.
On Amsterdam Travel Guide you will find everything you would like to know about Amsterdam...and more. All the info on this website are recommendations that we also suggest to our friends who are visiting our home town. This means that many of the tourist information on this site are personal recommendations from local experts. In our Amsterdam in Days section we offer complete programmes. These programmes offer you full activities programmes, with specific recommendations and information for a certain amount of days that you are in our beautiful city. The Amsterdam in Days programmes are divided by five interests: Culture, History, Culinary, Architecture and Active.