Amsterdam in half a day | Architectural Activities

Go to the details & reviews page of architecture walking in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam This walking tour through the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam takes you along the interesting new and old architecture of KNSM Eilland and Java Eiland. You will also see and hear about the cultivated warehouses, the historic Lloyd Hotel and impressive residential buildings on Borneo and Sporenburg. Java Eiland is interesting with its seasonal gardens, small canals, bridges and a wide variety of modern architecture.

This walking tour - including some public transport rides - takes about 2.5 hours.
Go to the details & reviews page of Bike tour De Amsterdamse School in Amsterdam West The most famous architectural style of Amsterdam is without a doubt "De Amsterdamse School" (+/- 1910-1935). This architectural style takes many influences from the Art Deco style that was very popular around that period. Amsterdam is still rich of buildings in De Amsterdamse School style, of which some great examples in Amsterdam West. This bike tour takes about three hours.

For lunch or dinner we recommend Café-Restaurant Amsterdam (1900); a former water pump station located in the ECO Quarter.