Amsterdam in half a day | Culinary Activities

Go to the details & reviews page of Dining on the Amsterdam Canals This programme is for you if you only have a couple of hours in Amsterdam during dinner time. Combine dinner with a tour through the canals and discover a different Amsterdam, as viewed from the water. We have selected two dinner cruises for you: a 4-course organic dinner cruise of two hours; or a more exclusive 3-course à la carte dinner cruise of 2 ¾ hours on an antique cruise boat.

Both dinner cruises will cruise over the beautiful canals of Amsterdam and will start and end not far from Amsterdam Central Station.
Go to the details & reviews page of Herring, Cheese, Chocolat and Dutch Food This is a 'Dutch programme', which will let you get a taste of some traditional Dutch snacks and food: herring, cheese, chocolate and to close the afternoon off we suggest two good Dutch restaurants. Due to the times of the cheese tastings this programme starts in the late morning or early afternoon. Don't forget to make a reservation for the cheese tasting!

And yes: chocolate is also a Dutch 'tradition'. Due to a Dutch invention cacao beans could be separated in cacao powder and cacao butter: the process is called "Dutch Chocolate".