Amsterdam Information

There is so much to tell you about Amsterdam. In this section we give you some ‘background information’ on a variety of subjects. Travel information - on how to get to and around Amsterdam - can be found in the section "Travel Information".

These are the subjects that you can find in this section, Amsterdam Information, and where you can navigate to via the images above:

Amsterdam History

Amsterdam’s history goes back to the 13th century. On this page we give you a quick run down of a couple of very influential periods in Amsterdam’s history.

Coat of Arms of Amsterdam

As you will come across the coat of arms and especially the three St. Andrew’s (in Dutch: St. Andreas) crosses everywhere, we thought it was nice to give you some more information on the coat of arms of Amsterdam and the three St. Andrew’s crosses on it.

Amsterdam Tourist Information

Of course we hope that you like Amsterdam Travel Guide and can find what you are looking for. But as we do not aim to be complete, you might want to gather more information from the (official) tourist information points. We have listed them on this page.

Amsterdam Neighbourhoods

On this page you will find the different neighbourhoods as we use them here on Amsterdam Travel Guide. All neighbourhoods as we described them, can be split up into smaller neighbourhoods, which we also try to describe in the neighbourhood as we define them.

Map of Amsterdam

We know you have access to Google maps or whatever other map you use, but for your convenience, we have integrated Google maps here.

Public Holidays in Amsterdam and The Netherlands

On most public holidays shops and banks in Amsterdam are closed or have special opening hours. Make sure to check what dates the major public holidays are before you travel to Amsterdam.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam

We are absolutely not against coffee shops or smoking a good old joint, but we think there is much more to Amsterdam, than coffee shops. Therefore we have not given them a prime position in between the cafés and bars or anything. We are not sure whether this is the perfect section for coffee shops, but we needed to put them somewhere.
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