Amsterdam Coffee shops

It is permitted to smoke cannabis or hashish in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. However, it is good to know that this is not allowed in most other establishments. Coffee shops are permitted to sell a customer a maximum of five grams and the possession of this, although technically against the law, is tolerated by the authorities. Coffee shops are taxed and strictly regulated. You must be 18 years of age to enter a coffee shop.

All hard drugs and the sale of soft drugs on the street are strictly illegal and therefore punishable by law. Please note that smoking regular tobacco in a coffee shop is not allowed due to the smoking ban.

Read more information on the laws and regulations of (the use of) soft drugs in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on the website of the Dutch Government

Walking tour:
Join the Coffeeshop Culture Walking tour (2 hours) for an in-depth investigation of the cannabis culture of Amsterdam: the history, (il)legality and future of the city’s most talked about subject.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum
The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum Collection consists of over 6000 cannabis related items. From cultivation to consumption, from ancient ritual to modern medicine, every aspect of cannabis in human culture is represented in some way.

A few addresses of coffee shops in Amsterdam: The menu board with all sorts of hasish, weed, cannabis, joints and so on, in an Amsterdam coffeeshop
  • Grey Area Coffee shop

    Address: Oude Leliestraat 2, Amsterdam
    Website: Grey Area Coffeeshop

  • Coffeeshop Abraxas

    Address: Jonge Roelensteeg 12, Amsterdam
    Website: Abraxas Coffeeshop

  • Coffeeshop Siberië

    Address: Brouwersgracht 11, Amsterdam
    Website: Coffeeshop Siberie

  • Dampkring

    Address: Handboogstraat 29, Amsterdam
    Website: Dampkring

  • Coffeeshop De Rokerij has three locations:

    Address: Shop I - Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41, Amsterdam
    Address: Shop II - Singel 8, Amsterdam
    Address: Shop III - Elandsgracht 53, Amsterdam
    Website: Coffeeshop De Rokerij