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Amsterdam offers a wide variety of cafés, bars and pubs. There is a café, bar or pub for every type of traveller, business and pleasure. There are the traditional “brown cafés”, but also contemporary style cocktail bars and lounge bars and everything in between. These are our recommendations for cafés, bars and pubs in Amsterdam West.
Go to the details & reviews page of International Café Restaurant Amsterdam in Amsterdam West Café Restaurant Amsterdam is an impressively large restaurant, situated in the old engine room of the former water company's grounds. The menu is simple, with International basic classics, such as steak, hamburgers, lamb stew and some Italian based vegetarian dishes. The prices are very reasonable.

The service is functional, probably to keep up with the scale of the restaurant. Conclusion: great location and modern industrial interior, functional service and good basic food.
- International
Watertorenplein 6, Amsterdam
+31 20 682 2666
Daily: 11.30 to 22.30
Fri & Sat: 11.30 to 23.30
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