't Loosje

A warm and characteristic bar, overlooking the historic Nieuwmarkt square, on the edge of the Red Light district. The bar has a cosy and easy-going atmosphere and a very friendly staff. The interior exists of dark wood fixtures, soft lighting, and mosaics of the 16th century. The outside terrace offers a good view of the Nieuwmarkt square and is a great spot for people-watching.
Besides all kind of special beers Café 't Loosje also serves breakfast, lunch and small meals for a very reasonable price. The clientèle is mostly a mix of regulars, young Dutch professionals, and English-speaking expats, with a younger crowd stopping in later in the week.  
Especially on weekdays, this is a bar to go to if you want to experience an authentic atmosphere.
Nieuwmarkt 32/34, Amsterdam
Amsterdam City Centre
+31 20 627 2635
't Loosje (NL)
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