XtraCold Ice Bar Amsterdam

XtraCold Ice Bar Amsterdam consists of two parts. In the lounge you can eat and drink something and enjoy the unique atmosphere. In this lounge they also organise theme nights and various other events. Walking through the lounge you enter the Ice Bar. As you might expect, the XtraCold Ice Bar is made of ice: the walls, bar, stools and even the glasses.

At a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius you can enjoy a delicious vodka cocktail and for the fans they also serve ‘Extra Cold Beer’. The Ice Bar will be completely redecorated every year. The theme switches twice a year. 30 tons of ice have to make place for 30 tons of new ice sculptures.
Before entering the Ice Bar each visitor receives special thermal clothing and gloves. After a drink the 20 minute show begins, a 3D movie specially made for the Ice Bar Amsterdam. The show is like a ride and because of polarizing glasses, special clothing, wind turbines and of course the cold you imagine yourself on a journey over icebergs and along steep cliffs in a fantasy ice landscape.
The normal entrance fee for the Ice Cafe is €19,50. This includes a 20 minutes stay in the Ice Cafe and two drinks, either a Smirnoff cocktail or an Extra Cold Heineken beer in a glass of ice. Book via Amsterdam City Tours and save €4.-! (website).
Amstel 194-196, Amsterdam
Amsterdam City Centre
+31 20 3205700
Sun to Thu: 11:30 to 00:00 (last show at 23.15 hours)
Fri & Sat: 11:30 to 02:00 (last show at 01.30 hours)
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