Gay & Lesbian Restaurants

There are a couple of “gay restaurants” or “gay-owned” restaurants in Amsterdam. But like with the accommodation in Amsterdam, most restaurants in Amsterdam will not treat you badly because of your sexual orientation. The restaurants that Amsterdam Travel Guide recommends - on this page, as well as on the main restaurant pages - are easy going, pleasant restaurants where being gay is not an issue at all! Bon appetit! Eet smakelijk!

Go to the details and reviews page of lunch room Downtown in Amsterdam Lunchroom Downtown is a cosy and friendly place for a coffee or a bite. The restaurant is not very big and often it is hard to find an empty table/seat. In Summer there is more chance of a table, because they have a nice terrace next to the building. They serve a wide variety of delicious egg dishes, club sandwiches and pancakes

The service and/or kitchen are not always the fastest, but if you have the time and take this into consideration, then Downtown is a cute little place for a yummy breakfast, lunch or just a coffee.
- Breakfast / lunch
Reguliersdwarsstraat 31, Amsterdam
+31 20 622 9958
Daily: 11.00 to 19.00
Go to the details and reviews page of restaurant Garlic Queen in Amsterdam The Garlic Queen is a small specialised restaurant in the Reguliersdwars-straat. Expect to find garlic in every dish and every course you order - yes including in the desserts and in some drinks as well. It is a very special experience to eat here - if you like garlic that is. The service is friendly and personable and the atmosphere very cosy.

All the dishes are freshly prepared, so they can leave out the garlic if you like, but hey, that is not really the experience you want when visiting this restaurant, now is it?
- International
Reguliersdwarsstraat 27, Amsterdam
+31 20 4226426
Wed to Sun: 17.00 to 21.00
Garlic Queen
Do you miss a gay & lesbian restaurant that you think deserves a spot in Amsterdam Travel Guide's Gay & Lesbian Restaurants section? Send us the name of the restaurant - together with your motivation why we should include this restaurant on Amsterdam Travel Guide - via our contact form.

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