Odeon lays right in the heart of the city centre canals. Originally built as a beer brewery in 1662, Odeon became the first concert hall in Amsterdam in 1830. Today's interior has an eclectic mix of authentic features and modern Dutch design. Most club nights are being held in the old concert hall which gives it a theatrical atmosphere. Relatively new is the smaller, more intimate, club space: Odeon Basement.

The programming is varied. Check out the website for the most recent programming.

The grandeur of this beautiful canal house is still there and the eclectic mix of authentic canal house features and the modern Dutch design certainly adds to the atmosphere. There are more rooms besides the concert hall and the basement, but most of them are only for hire for private parties and events. On some nights the balcony above the concert hall is open, where you can enjoy a cocktail while looking own on the dance floor of the concert hall.
Singel 460, Amsterdam
+31 20 521 8555
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Odeon (NL)
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