Restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has more than 1000 restaurants. An enormous amount to choose from: stylish, top quality restaurants, cosy, more affordable restaurants, eateries, brasseries, traditional Dutch food, Italian, Indonesian, and many other excellent foreign food restaurants

On Amsterdam Travel Guide we have made a selection for you, out of the best restaurants we know. The reasons we suggest a restaurant are divers: it could be that they have a special concept, that the interior is special, or any other reason, but two criteria are the most important: that the food is good and worth your money and that the service is (exceptional) good and friendly!

In the following pages you will find a wide variety of restaurants in the different neighbourhoods and there are two separate sections for breakfast & lunch restaurants and takeaway restaurants.

Amsterdam City Centre

As you can see in the category Restaurants in Amsterdam City Centre, we have listed the most recommendations for restaurants in the city centre. We think this is mostly due to the enormous number of restaurants in the city centre area, and not as much that other neighbourhoods don't have good restaurants.


The Jordaan district is also part of the city centre of Amsterdam, but we have made a separate section, because of the large number of good restaurants in this charming area.

De Pijp

De Pijp district is a very lively neighbourhood, with many attractive bars and restaurants. In Summer there are many great terraces on charming squares and streets. De Pijp lies next to Amsterdam city centre.

Amsterdam North

For long Amsterdam North there wasn't an awful lot to do for tourists, to justify the short ferry ride to the other side of river IJ. But Amsterdam North develops itself more and more into an exiting neighbourhood to visit. There are a few good restaurants on the other side of the river that are worthwhile the visit.

Amsterdam East

Amsterdam East is quite a large area between the rivers Amstel and IJ and next to De Pijp. There are a few gems of restaurants in Amsterdam East that we have recommended in this category.

Amsterdam South

Amsterdam South contains some of the more posh neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. In this category we list our recommendations for this area. Although in a posh area: the restaurants that we recommend for Amsterdam South are not pretentious and serve great food with great service.

Amsterdam West

The restaurants in Amsterdam West, that we suggest in this category, are fairly spread out through this large neighbourhood. But most of these restaurants are not far from Amsterdam City Centre, so there is no excuse not to go and dine in Amsterdam West.

Breakfast & Lunch

Although we have made a separate category for breakfast & lunch restaurants, it is not said that the other restaurants that we suggest in our other categories, do not serve breakfast or lunch. If you would like to see a full overview of all the restaurants where you can have breakfast or lunch, you can get this via the search page using the top right field and via the filter "Breakfast & Lunch".


Sometimes you don't want to dine outside, but get some takeaway and eat it in your hotel room or in your short stay apartment. In this category, we give you some recommendations that we think are better, more tasteful and/or healthier than let's say: McDonald's, Burger King or KFC.

Do you miss a restaurant that you think deserves a spot in Amsterdam Travel Guide's Restaurants in Amsterdam section? Send us the name of the restaurant - together with your motivation why we should include the restaurant on Amsterdam Travel Guide - via our contact form.

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