De Bakkerswinkel

De Bakkerswinkel in Westerpark
De Bakkerswinkel (The Bakery) is a popular bakery and café with three locations in Amsterdam. Besides sandwiches, they also have a range of homemade soups and a variety of freshly made savoury pastries and salads. The flavours depend on the season, with products that are freshly available at that time. The famous designer Piet Hein Eek is the in-house designer of De Bakkerswinkel.

De Bakkerswinkel can be found in Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam West and in Amsterdam South.

De Bakkerswinkel in Amsterdam City Centre is (temporarily) situated on the Zeedijk, one of Amsterdam’s oldest streets. The original location on Warmoesstraat is drastically being renovated. On Zeedijk you can have breakfast, lunch, high tea or just a tea or coffee with cake, as was possible at Warmoesstraat. In the mean time you can also fetch something at De Bakkerswinkel take-away at Warmoesstraat 133. Here you can buy ready made sandwiches, sweet and savoury pastries, homemade fruit shakes or simply a tasty cup of coffee.

You can’t miss De Bakkerswinkel (The Bakery) at the Polonceaukade 1, on the grounds of Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek (Western Gas Factory), in Amsterdam West. De Bakkerswinkel is situated in the old Regulateurshuis (Regulator’s House) at the entrance of the Westergasterrein, near the drawbridge.

In 1999 the first Bakkerswinkel (The Bakery) was opened in Amsterdam on the Roelof Hartstraat in Amsterdam South. The large store front window immediately invites you to step into the cosy, bright lunch room. Since the opening of the Taartenwinkel (Cake Shop) on the corner at number 80 the range of products has become even broader.
- Breakfast / lunch
Zeedijk 37 (City centre)
Roelof Hartstraat 68 (South)
Polonceaukade 1 (West)
Daily: 08.00 to 17.00
De Bakkerswinkel
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