Gartine, a small restaurant with a big impact
Restaurant Gartine is specialised in Slow Food and many of the fruits, vegetables and herbs used in the kitchen are homegrown and thus seasonal. Gartine offers delicious breakfast, lunch and high tea. The interior of this tiny restaurant is cosy-romantic and in Summer they have a small terrace outside.

The popularity of Gartine in combination with the limited tables, causes that you need to book well in advance, for lunch in Summer even up to two weeks in advance!

Restaurant Gartine is located in the city centre, in a small alley between shopping street Kalverstraat and Rokin. They have a nice menu, with some original dishes. All their dishes are being made with the best organic and Slow Food products, either from their own gardens, or from well respected suppliers.

Besides breakfast (from 10.00) and lunch, they also offer high tea (afternoon tea) varying in size: small, medium and large (from 14.00). For the high tea also counts that you have to book well in advance. But despite their popularity and the difficulty getting a table, if you are not a planner: just pass by and hope you are lucky. It is definitely worth it.
- Breakfast / lunch
Taksteeg 7, Amsterdam
Amsterdam City Centre
+31 20 320 4132
Wed to Sun: 10.00 to 18.00
Gartine (NL)
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