Theatres, Entertainment & Cinemas in Amsterdam

In this section of Amsterdam Travel Guide we give you our recommendations for a variety of theatres, concert halls, cinemas and other entertainment. There is something for everyone, whether you like classical music concerts, pop music concerts, opera, ballet, stage plays, comedy or movies.

Our favourite theatres & entertainment in Amsterdam

On these pages we have listed the theatres, concert halls, cinemas and other entertainment in Amsterdam that we think offer something special, have good customer service or are just a must to visit when going an evening out in Amsterdam. We have categorised our theatres and entertainment recommendations in three categories:
  • Theatres (& concert halls)
  • Cinemas
  • Entertainment

Theatres & Concert Halls in Amsterdam

In the category "Theatres & Concert Halls" you will find our recommendations for theatres and concert halls, that offer a wide variety of concerts of different music sorts, (dance) performances, musicals and stage plays. Although not every performance is suitable for non-Dutch speaking visitors, we have mentioned in our recommendations, what is suitable and what not.

Cinemas in Amsterdam

The advantage of The Netherlands is, that we do not dub movies, but we make use of subtitles. Only some foreign kids movies are dubbed in Dutch, which is listed with (NL) behind the movie title. Amsterdam has a lot of cinemas. We have listed our recommendations for the most special cinemas, either because of the programming, the service and some even for their architecture.

Other Entertainment in Amsterdam

Under this category we have a couple of recommendations for you that we couldn't list under one of the other categories and therefore called it "Other entertainment".


Most venues have their own ticket phone line, or tickets can be purchased online via their own website. In both cases we have mentioned the appropriate information in the listing of the specific theatre, concert hall or cinema.

But tickets for most theatres and concerts (not for movies) can also be bought at the AUB Ticket office, which is located in the "Stadsschouwburg" (City Theatre) on Leidseplein 26 (entrance: terrace side to the right). Opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 10:00 - 18:00 and Sundays from 12:00 - 18:00; or call for information +31 20 795 9950.

Last minute tickets for stage plays and concerts

Logo Last Minute Ticket Shop AmsterdamLast-minute tickets are available exclusively at the AUB Ticket Shop on Leidseplein, at the VVV Amsterdam Tourist Office (inside the NZH Koffiehuis opposite Central Station) and at the Public Library (OBA) on Oosterdokskade. Last-minute offers are announced daily at 8:00; tickets go on sale at noon. The tickets are valid for performances taking place on the same day (matinées excluded).

Do you miss a theatre, concert hall, cinema or other entertainment that you think deserves a spot in Amsterdam Travel Guide's Theatre & Entertainment section? Send us the name of the theatre, concert hall, cinema or other entertainment - together with your motivation why we should include the cinema on Amsterdam Travel Guide - via our contact form.