Cinemas in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has enough cinemas when you like to go to the movies. In the Netherlands, most of the movies are shown in their original version with Dutch subtitles. This means that a lot of movies are suitable for foreign visitors. But this also means that if you only speak English, you might not enjoy a Spanish, French or Italian movie. Some kids movies are dubbed in Dutch. Most of the time this is listed as (NL). On this page you will find our recommendations for cinemas in Amsterdam.

Note that most - if not all - cinema websites are in Dutch. Where possible, we have given you a telephone number to reserve movie tickets, or we have explained how to buy your ticket online.

Go to the details & reviews page of Pathé City, art house cinema, movie theatre in Amsterdam City is another Pathé cinema. City is Pathé's PAC cinema in Amsterdam. PAC stands for Pathé Alternative Cinema, which basically means it's an art house cinema. As PAC cinema, City shows quality movies that don't get a lot of attention from the bigger movie studios, but that are definitely - more than - worthwhile seeing.

The building, built in 1935, opened again in 2011 after years of renovations and reconstructions. The cinema now has seven theatres and the building also houses restaurant Little Buddha.
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 15-19, Amsterdam
Daily: from 11.00
Sun: from 10.00
Via Pathé's website (click "Pathé City" in the left column, then click on a time to buy tickets) - or buy your ticket at the entrance
Pathé City (NL)
Go to the details & reviews page of Het Ketelhuis, cinema, movie theatre in Amsterdam Het Ketelhuis is a small, independent cinema in Culture Park Westergas-fabriek. This charming cinema was founded in 1999, as a creative place for the Dutch film industry. Nowadays cinema Het Ketelhuis offers more than just Dutch movies. Besides Dutch movies and European art house movies, they also show American documentaries.

Het Ketelhuis also has a nice bar, where you can have a coffee or a drink before or after the movie. They also offer a film/dinner package deal with restaurant Pacific Parc.
Pazzanistraat 4, Amsterdam
+31 20 684 0090
Mon, Tue & Thu: from 16.00
Wed & Fri: from 14.00
Sat: from 12.00
Sun: from 11.00
+31 20 684 0090 or at the cash desk, next to the bar
Film & dinner package: +31 20 488 7778 (restaurant Pacific Parc)
Go to the details & reviews page of Pathé De Munt & Pathé Arena in Amsterdam To be honest: we have doubted to list Pathé De Munt and Pathé Arena on Amsterdam Travel Guide. These are the two biggest cinemas of Amsterdam, showing the main blockbusters and many other movies. These cinemas are there for the popcorn eating mass.

That we decided to list them on Amsterdam Travel Guide anyway, is because they are the two biggest cinemas and have a wide choice of movies. Pathé Arena is mainly listed because they have the only IMAX cinema in Amsterdam.
Pathé De Munt: Vijzelstraat 15, Amsterdam
Pathé Arena: Arena Boulevard 600, Amsterdam Zuidoost
De Munt
Daily: from 10.45

Mon to Fri: from 11.30
Sat & Sun: from 09.30
Holidays*: from 09.30
* except the Summer holiday
Via Pathé's website (click "Pathé De Munt" or "Pathé Arena" in the left column, then click on a time to buy tickets) - or buy your ticket at the entrance
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