Parking in Amsterdam

In order to control the accessibility of Amsterdam, the streets within the ring road A10 are a paid parking area. Parking spaces in the city centre are the most expensive. Besides the high parking fees, it is simply not efficient to drive within the central areas of Amsterdam. The streets are narrow, there is a lot of one way traffic and streets can be busy or blocked by trucks unloading their goods.

Parking outside Amsterdam city centre

That is why we recommend to use the parking garages and park & ride (P+R) facilities outside the central area. These parking areas offer excellent public transport to and from the city centre of Amsterdam, efficiently and cost effectively.

There are five P+R car parking sites in Amsterdam (iAmsterdam website).

Parking in Amsterdam look out for the offical parking signs and metres

Parking in Amsterdam city centre

If you decide to park in the city centre - or when you need to - make sure to always park your car at official parking spots with a parking meter, when parking on the street. Look for the blue and white light box with the letter P.

Amsterdam uses 'digital parking'. This means that you register your number plate at the parking machines. You don't receive a parking ticket to put behind behind your front screen, like you used to. So make sure you know your number plate when purchasing a parking ticket in Amsterdam. All machines are suitable for payment with credit card, debit card (Maestro) or chip (a Dutch payment system). You can't pay with cash anymore!

As of 1 June 2014 paid parking in Amsterdam city centre is until 02.00am!

Parking garages & parking information signs

There are several parking garages in the city centre, although they fill up pretty quickly on busy days. Pay attention to the parking information signs along various roads in Amsterdam. These signs are part of a dynamic parking information system designed to help you find a parking place. The parking signs show real-time information of about ten parking garages. When you enter the city, you will receive the latest information on the availability of parking places and the nearest parking garage.

Sanctions for incorrect parking

If you fail to pay the parking fee or if you are parked in the wrong place, you run a high risk of being fined or, in some cases, even towed - like in any other city.

As of 1 Februari 2014 you will not find a paper ticket behind your screen wipers, but you will get your fine send to you by mail. People who do not live in the Netherlands, can pay their parking fine online.

Amsterdam electric

Amsterdam electric transportElectric transport is cleaner, quieter and more economical. A dense network of public charging points has been erected in the city of Amsterdam. Anybody with an electric vehicle can charge here with a charge card. Green electricity is being used for charging.
There are over 100 publicly accessible charging points, making Amsterdam one of Europe’s trendsetters in the introduction of electric mobility.

Map with charging points in Amsterdam