Bike, car, scooter and boat rental in Amsterdam

Prefer to explore Amsterdam with the freedom of your own transport?

Bicycle hire

The easiest way to get around Amsterdam is by bike. The 17th century city centre isn’t really suitable for cars. The small streets and canals are most equipped for pedestrians and cyclists. Avoid parking problems, traffic queues, and experience the city like a local. Bicycles can be rented in every part of the city. Especially near Amsterdam Central Station, the Leidseplein and the Dam there are plenty of locations where you can rent a bicycle.

Some of the rental places also do guided tours, see our "Discover Amsterdam > Sightseeing & Tours" section for more information on these tours.

There are a few basic pointers to keep in mind after hiring your bike:

Rent a bike in Amsterdam
  • Don't do as the locals do: adhere to all traffic lights and signs.
  • Make sure you signal when turning.
  • Be careful not to get your wheels stuck in tramlines.
  • Always lock up your bike to something secure and immovable.

Where can you ride your bike:

  • When available, use the brown/red bicycle lanes and tracks on the right-hand side of the road,
    marked out by white lines and a bike symbol. Always keep right so faster bikers can pass you.
  • Never cycle on footpaths/pavements/sidewalks, pedestrian precincts or motorways.
  • Dam Square, the Flower market, Leidseplein/Leidsestraat, Rembrandtplein, Waterlooplein and Stationsplein in front of Central Station are cycle-free areas.

Cycling Policy in Amsterdam
How to cycle safely in Amsterdam, Dutch traffic signs and much more.
Website:Cycling policy in Amsterdam

Bike City

Address: Bloemgracht 68-70, Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 6263721
Website: Bike City

Yellow Bike

Address: Nieuwezijds Kolk 29, Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 6206940.
Website: Yellow Bike

Car rental

Whatever you require, there are car rental shops located in and around Amsterdam (e.g. Schiphol Airport). Many are owned by international companies like Avis, Hertz and EuropCar.New in Amsterdam is Car2Go, located on the Oude Spiegelstraat 6-A in De 9 Straatjes area. Car2Go is an innovative mobility concept where you can use electrically driven cars (smarts for two electric drive) on demand. You may register online or pass by their shop on the Oude Spiegelstraat. You do not need a subscription. And you do not need to pick up the car from or take it back to a fixed depot.You pay for the minutes you drive the car, or park the car in between drives.

Website: Avis
Website: Hertz
Website: EuropCar
Website: Car2Go
Amsterdam electric
Amsterdam electric transportElectric transport is cleaner, quieter and more economical. A dense network of public charging points has been erected in the city of Amsterdam. Anybody with an electric vehicle can charge here with a charge card. Green electricity is being used for charging.
There are over 100 publicly accessible charging points, making Amsterdam one of Europe’s trend setters in the introduction of electric mobility.

Map with charging points in Amsterdam
(green means available)

Renting a scooter

There are several locations in Amsterdam that rent scooters, mopeds or motorbikes. Scooters provide similar accessibility as bicycles but obviously go a bit quicker. Therefore it is necessary to have a motorbike or driver's license. Without either, a special scooter license is required.
Amsterbike now offers you the possibility of renting an electrical scooter. With this scooter you will drive very comfortably and silently through the traffic and you don’t have to tank.

Amsterbike - Scooter rental

Address: Piet Heinkade 11, Amsterdam
Website: Amsterbike

Boat rental

Rent a boat for you and your travel companions to cruise the canals of AmsterdamOne of the best ways to see Amsterdam is from the water. You will get a totally different view of the city and even if you know Amsterdam quite well, you will discover many new and interesting things.

Rent a boat and explore the canals at your own leisure. For example with Boaty Rental Boats (the boats are electrically driven).

Or maybe you would like a bigger boat, for a bigger party or a boat that is a bit more formal, then you could try one of the boats of Rent A Boat They have a wide variety of boats.

On a beautiful Spring or Summer day, nothing is so wonderful as enjoying the city from 'your own boat' and have a small picnic with friends on it. But be aware: the captain is not allowed to drink any alcohol!

Boaty Rental Boats

Address: Jozef Israëlskade, Amsterdam (next to hotel Okura)
Website: Boaty Rental Boats

Rent A Boat

Address: Several locations - check their website
Website: Rent A Boat